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Electric Car Charging a power at power station. For new alternative power energy

M2M EMobility

Due to the effective calibration law, which came into force on 1st of april, operators of charging stations are now obliged to equip themselves with strictly calibrated measuring instruments. With our fleet management solution, we can evaluate the measured values of the electricity meters and process them in an orderly manner. Also a receipt can be made through automatic email shipment transmission.

M2M Power generation plants

Particularly in the decentralised power generation sector, plants are often susceptible to maintenance or require continuous monitoring and data preparation for research purposes. The integration of a tailor-made telecontrol router relieves service technicians and simplifies the handling of data in research.


Industrial robotic arms with empty conveyor belt 3D rendering

M2M Machinery & Plant Engineering

In the area of automation technology, delays can often occur through operational malfunctions or failures in production. With the M2M Router KBox and the KVision management platform, you can access your plant fleet easily and securely from a distance. This avoids the need for a service technician to travel to your plant and you also saves money.

M2M Filling stations

Filling stations are subject to enormous cost pressure and the urge to be more efficient in order to establish themselves in the market is increasing. The KBox, an M2M router, provides a secure remote connection to filling stations. As a filling station outfitters, you will have to deploy fewer service personnel on site and have the opportunity to access the branch network at any time.


Modern Blue Service Station
Women's hand using a dial pad on a machine. The fore finger is placed on the dial pad key and is about to press on that. Small sized display with blue background light is also visible.

M2M Automat solutions

Since the cooperation with the end users of automats often leads to data protection complications with regard to network usage, etc., the KBox offers the possibility of data transmission via the mobile radio network via integrated 3G;4G SIM cards. This prevents multiple VPN software and thus multiple service laptops.

M2M Wash roads

As is well known wash roads main focus on speed. If you are the fastest, you usually have a larger customer base. However, the cost pressure often falls by the wayside, which becomes necessary due to the high in personnel. Also the constantly necessary maintenance, which should protect against breakdowns, causes costs. The integration of the M2M router for a secure remote connection relieves technicians in particular and simplifies managing data.


Feed-in management solutions for BHKW

Especially for maintenance-prone combined heat and power plants, our feed-in management system offers a significant added value for plant operators through an integrated remote maintenance solution. Thanks to our many years of experience in the BHKW industry, we can bring your feed-in management project to a quick and stress-free conclusion.

Feed-in management solutions for hybrid parks

Since hybrid parks are often equipped with old facilities, the interface control can become a problem when connecting to the power supply company. Due to telecontrol connections in many different industries, almost all common interfaces are known to us. Thus your facility park can be made controllable easily and economically.