M2M automats

Added value for automats manufacturers and operators

Automats, whether in food retailing, banking companies, etc., this refers to for example supermarkets that are equipped with deposit bottle vending machines or banking institutions that make ATMs available. This gives the customer the opportunity to return his deposit bottles via the ATM or to withdraw money from the ATM with his cash card. These Automats are usually exposed to data protection problems because they have different VPN accesses. For this reason, data is only handed over internally by the company to the respective service laptop and not collected at a single service point. In the event of technical malfunctions or precipitate, the problem now also arises which determining the respective laptop, which records these technical malfunctions at the respective machine. This can take a lot of time as additional personnel may be needed. This also lead to increased personnel costs.


The KBox, an industrial M2M router for secure remote connections, offers integrated 3G,4G SIM cards that allow the data to be transmitted via the mobile network and not, as before, via various VPN software. Now there is only one VPN connection left, which makes the technical faults much faster to find. As a manufacturer of automats, our fleet management not only offers you monitoring via the KVision customer centre, but also access management. Here you can offer limited accounts to suppliers, which makes possible discounts attractive.

Vorteile der KBox für Automatenhersteller

  • Secure remote maintance & monitoring
  • Fleet management of plant parks
  • Maintenance forcecasts
  • Suitable for vending machines of all types