M2M remote maintenance solution

The mobile router for networking in the industrial and building sector

Your benefits at a glance

Your IT security is our number one priority. We guarantee leading industry-standard data transmission through applying highest security guidelines.

Remote Maintenance & Fleet Management
Our system enables you to diagnose, troubleshoot and control your installations from a remote location. This avoids expensive and unnecessary service hours on site.

Access Control
With our access policy management any user, e.g. manufacturer, engineer or sales partner, can be granted specific access rights according to their purpose.

Standardized Access
Compared to various access methods, our standardized plant access reduces administrative expenses considerably – a key factor your service team will appreciate.

Live Monitoring
Our management platform allows you to go live with connected installations and devices anywhere and anytime.

Predictive Maintenance
The process data acquisition provides for a detailed analysis of plant performance. Possible faults or upcoming maintenance can be detected in advance in order to initiate adequate steps of action.

Short Reaction Time
If a device error occurs, instant notification via text message or e-mail creates the basis for immediate action and helps to prevent extended downtime.

We support any common industrial interface, thus we will communicate with your machine without difficulty.

Easy and Reliable
Our system requires neither additional programming effort nor deeper IT knowledge on our customer’s part.

Efficient fleet management with KBox and KVision

The KBox is an M2M router designed to provide a secure remote connection to your machines and installations. Any relevant data can be acquired and visualized with KVision, which is a complete hosted platform featuring a central management of your machine fleet, anywhere and anytime. With KBox and KVision combined, our solution offers efficient controlling and monitoring of your machinery on site or in the field – flexible, secure and easy!

The KBox establishes a fully secure VPN connection between the user and any machine component or device connected to the KBox. This allows multiple users to remote control your machinery, go live with connected devices or remote control machine components. A specialized machine data connection between KBox and KVision enables process data acquisition, featuring functions such as trends, status indications and alarming. Thus, KVision operates as a central platform for controlling and monitoring your machines and installations.

M2M-Plattform zur automatisierten Fernwartung
Visualisierung Prozessdaten und Fernzugriff
Der Mobilfunk Router zur Vernetzung von Anlagen und Maschinen

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Why KBox is the best choice for networking machinery and remote access:

• Secure connection

• Preconfigured according to your application

• Easy setup