M2M Wash roads

Efficient monitoring of wash roads

Possible applications

Operators of wash roads often have to struggle with high costs resulting from the fact that on the one hand a high number of personnel is required and on the other hand the systems are very susceptible to maintenance. While at a car wash no staff member is necessary in the area of the car wash except at the cash register, at a wash road several staff members are usually required. Because wash roads try to win customers with enormous speed and high quality. With the M2M Router, which is individually adaptable to customer wishes a safe remote maintenance connection to the wash roads is possible. Through targeted monitoring of the wash roads the data of the wash roads can be viewed via the KVision management platform and can thus be clearly prepared. With the
combination of KBox and KVision, you can not only monitor and manage your installations remotely but you can also access the system fleet at any time thanks to active access management.

Advantages of Kbox for manufacturers and operators

  • Secure remote maintenance & monitoring
  • Fleet management of wash roads
  • Maintenance forecasts
  • immediate message in case of failure