M2M Filling stations

Application possibility

Due to the enormous number of filling station, a filling station outfitter equipment suppliers are bound by many deadlines, which they have to meet. The individually adaptable M2M Router Kbox provides a secure remote connection to your partners. The Kbox immediately reports any faults that have occurred. In addition, the branch network can be optimally managed and clearly prepared via the KVision management platform. An already existing backend can also be easily connected. Through targeted monitoring of filling stations, you as a filling station outfitter are informed at all times of any bottlenecks that may occur. Furthermore, KVision offers the possibility to actively access the branch network via VPN. You also save on setting up an APN. In addition, you need to use less service on site and can manage this on a large scale from your location. Especially at decentralised LPG filling stations, costs can be saved in the service area.

Modern Blue Service Station

Advantages of KBox for filling stations

  • Secure remote maintenance & monitoring
  • Fleet management of filling stations
  • Maintenance forecasts
  • Immediate message in case of failure or errors