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Solutions for charging station manufacturers and operators

Possible applications

Users of electric cars want to charge them quickly and easily. If this is the case, then electric mobility will only be accepted as an alternative in traffic. These charging options are offered by a large number of charging stations. An important component of electromobility is the expansion of the infrastructure. The development is important in this respect in order to increase the attractiveness with regard to easy use of the charging stations. Due to the now effective calibration law, which came into force on 1st of april, operators of charging stations must now retrofit themselves with strictly calibrated measuring instruments. The M2M solution provides a secure remote connection to charging stations worldwide. With our fleet management solution, measured values from the electricity meters can also be evaluated and processed in an orderly overview. Another possibility is to print out a receipt which can be made available to the user of a charging station on site in order to comply with the legal documentation obligation. With the help of this receipt, the user can view all relevant data again. The receipt itself is sent automatically by email. Furthermore, the operator of the charging stations has the opportunity to view all process and VPN data concertedly and visualized via the KVision management platform. Our fleet management solution offers access management for manufacturers and operators – secure, flexible and simple!

Load management with remote maintenance technology

If power consumption is limited, our remote maintenance solution also offers load management. The performance of individual charging stations is intelligently controlled and you can make optimize use of the available power.

The connection and control of further plants (e.g. battery storage systems) can also be realised without any problems.

Infografik-KBox Zum Lastmanagement randlos

Advantages of the KBox for manufacturers & operators

  • Remote maintenance (VPN) & monitoring (process data)
  • Fleet management of charging stations
  • Security through Aktive Patch-Management
  • Protocols: OCCP, Modbus
  • Dual-SIM
  • Reset of charging stations via switching contact